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Cebo Campo Ibérico Ham, salt, dextrose, sugar, antioxidant (E-316) and preservatives (E-252).
Curing process
More than 48 months of natural curing.

Whole piece, boneless center vacuum-packed or sliced ​​with a knife.

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Cebo Campo Ibérico Ham is a product made with the hind limb of the pig, subjected to the corresponding process of salting and curing-maturation. They come from animals fattened in extensive fattening farms that meet all the requirements established by law, basing their diet on feed and natural pastures.

The presentation of the final product can be whole in a unitary way, vacuum-boned center or sliced ​​with a knife.

Calidades: 100% Raza Ibérica, 75% Raza Ibérica y 50% Raza Ibérica.

Additional information

Weight 9 kg
Selección Formato

Pieza entera, Loncheado a cuchillo (sobres 100Gr.), Centro deshuesado al vacío

Tasting Note

Visual Aspect
Characteristic purple-red color of its lean part, shiny and soft appearance of its fat, good infiltration and great marbling.
Homogeneous, slightly fibrous and without pastiness or softening, its high juiciness stands out.
Its smell is intense, persistent, very pleasant and characteristic.
Sabor delicado, jugoso y dulce, justo toque salado concebido por un buen proceso de salazón y curación. Un deleite para el paladar

Nutritional Value

Iberico Ham is an exceptional product that has magnificent beneficial properties for health.

It is considered one of the products with the highest protein levels, not only in terms of quantity but also quality.

Its consumption covers the daily protein needs.

Product recommended for people with obesity and cholesterol control, since its fat contains a higher quality of unsaturated fat.

Mean Nutritional Values

  • Energetic value 419 Kcal – 1753 kJ
  • Fat 32.5g
  • Saturated Fat 9.3g
  • Carbohydrates < 0.10 g
  • Sugars < 0.10 g
  • Protein 31.5g
  • Salt 4.2g

11 reviews for Jamón de Cebo de Campo Ibérico

  1. felipe s. (verified owner)

    escelente y solprendido por la rapidez de entrega,el jamon supera con creces lo esperado.volvere a repetir seguro ,muy aconsejable.gracias un saludo

  2. JULIÁN S. (verified owner)

    Un jamón excelente!!

  3. Victor Manuel Lahoz Garcia (verified owner)

    Excelente producto, en este caso en el punto para consumir.

  4. Magdalena Borras Corró (verified owner)

    Estupendo, buenísimo

  5. BEATRIZ (verified owner)

    Excelente producto y de calidad

  6. ANGEL ESPAÑOL GILABERT (verified owner)

    muy bien, solo hecho en falta algun detalle , no a la primera vez , pero si al comprar mas veces.gracias

  7. Rafael R. (verified owner)

    Envío rápido y excelentemente cortado y envasado, aunque hay envases que dejan un sabor más natural al jamón, por ello al producto final le doy un 9 sobre 10.

  8. Victor Manuel Lahoz Garcia (verified owner)

    Excelente servicio y mejor servicio.

  9. Anónimo (verified owner)

    Jamón riquísimo. Juan Manuel nunca defrauda.

  10. Sofía Alday Martínez de Cestafe (verified owner)

    Muy rápido e informando en todo momento

  11. mcarmen c. (verified owner)

    Atención ágil y muy buena.

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