Quality and Certifications Juan Manuel

Jamones Juan Manuel S.A. is one of the most prestigious and important companies in the Iberian sector in Guijuelo (Salamanca).

Our artisan tradition has been giving shape and character to each product for 80 years. The taste reflects the taste for a traditional cure inherited from several generations. Juan Manuel pays special attention to his way of understanding the Art of Iberico.


We like to do things well, with simplicity. We know that the success of our products is the result of the daily work of the team that makes up this family, where tradition, perseverance and care turn their quality, flavor and texture into a satisfaction both for those who make it by hand and for the customer. palate of those who try it.

In addition, we have a Quality Management system based on the ISO 9001:2015 standard that allows us to meet the applicable requirements and our commitments:

Iberian breed

Manufacture only products of the Iberian breed.


An adaptation to market requirements


Customer satisfaction

Continuous improvement

The continuous improvement of our quality system.

The Management of Juan Manuel Hernández, S.A. leads the development of said Quality Management System at all times and expresses his personal commitment to its achievement. Consistent with the present policy, Quality Objectives are periodically set, the achievement of which will be evidence that we are reaching the goals that we have set for ourselves.

Therefore, we must all collaborate in the development, implementation and improvement of its effectiveness.

Normative Iberian pig

The new quality standard requires that all Iberian hams have to carry a seal of one colour: Black, Red, Green or White.


At Juan Manuel we work to obtain a quality product according to the needs of our clients, under the ISO 9001 quality standard certified by Bureau Veritas.

In addition, our products are within the Iberian quality regulated by Royal Decree 4/2014,, audited by Certicar.

Since 1986, the company has been endorsed by the Guijuelo Denomination of Origin Regulatory Council, which protects the quality of our products by carrying out exhaustive controls from the farms, through the different phases of production until reaching the final consumer.

Social commitment of Jamones Juan Manuel

Under the "Tierra de Sabor" Guarantee brand whose purpose is to highlight the quality of Castilla y León's agri-food products, we highlight our social commitment to employment and development in the region.

In addition, our products are within the Iberian quality regulated by Royal Decree 4/2014,, audited by Certicar.

Productos ibéricos sin gluten

Our R+D+I department established a quality commitment to produce Gluten-Free products,guaranteeing maximum food safety in natural and healthy products suitable for celiacs.